Sep 17, 2010

The Troll

A troll lives in my belly. Sometimes he tries to escape. But I have grown accustomed to him and I want him to stay. He growls from time to time, frightening me and the people around me who must bear unfortunate witness to his existence. Down boy.

I am so pale tonight, in the mirror. Dark hair and red lips, wide eyes. Like Snow White. With a troll in her belly. Where do you come from, troll? And why do you plague me so?

Banshee laughter escapes me. I howl and rock back and forth in the corner, aching in the hollow under my ribcage. Fight or fuck, it's really all the same, isn't it? We can do both, maybe.

Come here, shoelace boy, grocery boy, tell me your stories. How do you keep your shoelaces so white? And why do you stand all alone in the shadows in your buttoned-up shirt and blazer, glancing at me out of the corner of your eye? I know you're watching me. Don't be afraid. Be afraid. Down boy.