Nov 19, 2013

Riot On

Let's riot on together, baby. Just you and me and this strip of asphalt in the dark. I'll put my bare feet up on the dash and you'll put your hand on my bare thigh and we'll drive, baby, just you and me, into the black. I'll check my lipstick in the rear-view mirror but we won't look back to see the lights of this two-bit town wink out behind us like an old cigarette butt tossed to the curb, we'll just drive, baby. And we'll play some rock 'n' roll music, turn it up to drown out the noise of the engine, noise of our hearts. And we'll think divided thoughts as the broken lines zip past like years, and we'll remember, baby, you and me and all those moments that link us like this network of asphalt we're driving down in the dark.