Jan 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

Ryan and I are celebrating 20 years of being Holly-and-Ryan today. That's a lot of years, man. So I thought I'd share some of the things that I think make our relationship as great as it is. (I'm going to do it in a list of 9, obviously.)

1. We sleep under different blankets.
2. We watch television and movies together so that we can laugh at the same things, and get teary at the same things, and be scared by the same things, and discuss interesting motifs and imagery and symbolism and character development.
3. We have sex regularly.
4. We are intellectual equals.
5. Once a week I go out dancing and he does whatever it is he does when I'm not there (I suspect video games and masturbation).
6. We go on road trips together, sometimes really long ones that also involve airplanes and learning how to say "I'm sorry, I don't understand" in different languages.
7. We share our evening snacks with each other even though neither one of us really wants to.
8. We have the same decorating style.
9. We enjoy playing cards and board games together, although he usually wins.
10. I find something else to do when he is watching football, and he finds something else to do when I am podcasting.
11. We thank each other when the other person makes dinner.
12. We stand in front of bands together, and sometimes we DJ for each other, and we turn the stereo in the car up loud enough so that we can't hear each other sing.
13. It bugs me when he drinks orange juice straight out of the container and when he flicks his toothbrush, and it bugs him when I over-react to an unexpected eight-legged presence, but we know that those things don't really matter.
14. He opens my nail polish bottle for me when I have screwed the lid on too tightly, and I pluck those weird errant back hairs for him.
15. We put up with each other's mothers.
16. When we go out for dinner, we share dessert.
17. We sing terrible duets for cab drivers when we are drunk.
18. We would rather spend money on books and music and travelling than on a big house filled with lots of stuff, but we wish we had a pantry and maybe a pool.
19. We never got married.
20. We always kiss good night.

So much for 9.

Love always,
Holly xo