Nov 4, 2014

The Mundane and the Transcendent

Until the day that some brilliant/bonkers Scandinavian scientist finally cracks the time/space continuum, we humans must relegate our personal histories to the series of moments, both mundane and transcendent, that shape us into the ever-evolving creatures we are. There are, as even the most cursory glance at any social media website will reveal, a fuck of a lot of mundane moments out there. And, while I firmly believe in the transcendent power latent in the mundane, those transcendent moments, the ones we recognize either at the time or in hindsight to be truly life-altering, those are the moments that matter. 

As an aside, the first time I tried lemonade Vitamin Water was on a road trip either to or from Toronto. I purchased it from a vending machine at a rest stop, and it was the iciest, most divine beverage ever to have quenched a thirst. It was everything I'd ever dreamed a drink could be, and even more remarkable because it was so unexpected. All subsequent lemonade Vitamin Waters have paled in comparison, but, like Ahab, I have not stopped chasing after that elusive white whale. (As an aside inside of an aside, I really hated reading Moby Dick, but Melville is good for an allusion or two.) 

So anyway, the mundane moments make up most of our time, obviously (unless maybe you are independently wealthy and can afford to fly off to the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica whenever the urge strikes), so the transcendent ones are a pretty big deal. These are the stories we tell when we are getting to know someone. Tales of trauma, often, but also tales of knowledge and growth. Morality, even. I enjoy hearing these stories, making connections between that thing that happened and the effect it has had on the teller. Ever a student of my own human condition, I also enjoy telling my own tales and sussing out the impact on my psyche, an intellectual/emotional exercise in expression and understanding. 

So in the coming weeks, I think I will use this inter-space to share with you my moments of epiphany. Maybe you will tell me yours. That'd be cool. For now, however, I am going to bed, because it's 1:30 a.m. new time, which is 2:30 a.m. old time, and I am tired as hell, despite that extra hour. Daylight Savings Time jet lag is a bitch.