Jun 18, 2015

So here's the thing:

So here's the thing: People will judge you. Always. For all sorts of reasons: for your skin colour, your gender, how much money you have, who you fuck and how you fuck them, the clothes you choose to wear, your body shape, your occupation, your decision to have or not have children, etc. It's entirely up to you, as the individual, to say, yes, I accept that judgement and give you the power to make me feel less valuable, or, no, fuck you, this is me and to hell with you and your tabloid-media sense of value because I know that I am awesome. We all just need to make a concerted effort to not give a shit about other people's personal opinions of us and seek value from inside rather than outside. I used to think my grandmother was weird and embarrassing for walking around in public with two different socks. Now I salute her. To sum up: seriously, who gives a fuck? Work on making your own self the best self it can be and shut up about everyone else. As an aside, while on my bike ride today, I accidentally smushed a caterpillar because I saw him too late, but then two seconds later a bug flew up my nose and lodged itself in my nasal cavity. Riot on.