Sep 18, 2015

Static Mind

You know that theory about it being important to interact with people with worldviews and philosophies that oppose your own because it will somehow enrich your life and open your mind to new ideas? Fuck that. From now on, I choose to only interact with people who share my core views and values, because you know what? We're goddamn RIGHT, and nothing you can say can ever convince me otherwise. So here are 9 things I will never change my mind about: 

1. White cisgendered males are not the enemy. They are human beings with thoughts and feelings and experiences, just like every other human being. No two individuals will think about and feel and experience life in the same way. 

2. The environment is more important than the economy. The economy can adapt; the environment cannot. 

3. Artists can say and do whatever they want in their art, even (especially) if some people consider it offensive. 

4. Public figures do not automatically have the responsibility of being role models. They are people, and should be allowed to fuck up. Fucking up is how we learn and grow.

5. This new trend of identifying "triggers" is more damaging than protective. Learning to deal with your own personal trauma involves actively confronting those triggers, not running away from them because they make you uncomfortable. 

6. Spelling and grammar and punctuation are important because communication is important. You don't always have to follow the rules (sometimes breaking the rules is more effective than following them), but the devolution of language into cartoon symbols is an intellectual step backward.

7. Relying on technology instead of your own brain will have devastating effects in the future. Technology should be used as a tool, not a brain substitute.

8. Laugh tracks are for people who are too stupid to decide for themselves what's funny and what isn't.

9. All spiders want to kill me. Riot on.