Nov 27, 2015


I wish that all the people who were sad, all the people who had bad things happen to them that were out of their control, or all the people who just felt sad because of goofy chemical imbalances in their brains, and felt overwhelmed and ashamed of their sadness, understood, even through their sadness, that there were still people who loved them even though they were sad, people who would listen to them and not judge them and try to help them be a little less sad.

Because when sad people become so hopeless that they take their own lives to stop the sadness, the world becomes a sadder place, and the world is sad enough already.

So it is our duty as human beings sharing this planet with other human beings to try to make it a little less sad whenever we can. Tell the people you love that you love them, even when it's hard. Don't hold grudges, because years will go by and you'll eventually realize how much you miss that person. Help those in need whenever possible, through money or time or emotional support or whatever you have to give. Forgive people their trespasses, because they're just slogging through the best way they can. And be kind to each other, because life is not always kind. Thanks.