Nov 9, 2016

A Plea

The weather last night as I slept was stormy and wild. Pathetic fallacy, I thought: an environmental response to the emotional reaction of the world to more than half of the American people's decision to vote in an egomaniacal demagogue as their leader.

Political pundits, and the newly-elected president himself, are focusing on the necessity of "healing the divide." Now is the time, they claim, for the American people to come together despite their vast differences. This is how a democracy works; the people have spoken.

I would argue, however, that now is NOT the time for the American people to come together to support their chosen leader and heal the divide.

Now is the time for the American people to riot in the streets and on the internet and in their art, to rebel against bigotry and fear-mongering and hate. Now is the time for the responsible, educated masses to fight for the rights of those who are either unwilling or unable to fight for the virtues of equality and acceptance and compassion for the people on earth and for the earth itself.

There needs to be a response, not just in America, but throughout the world, to the poverty and ignorance and sense of helplessness that drive people to such acts of desperation.

We need to educate the ignorant and assist the poor and marginalized. We need to focus on truth and science and an honest examination of our fears and desires, rather than on greed, for fame, for wealth, for power. We need to listen and try to understand. Above all, we need to be kind to each other.

So riot on, I say. Let's not sit idly by and allow weakness to win. We have the power as individuals to engender great change, if we want it badly enough. Let's want it badly enough, starting right now. Deal?