Jun 19, 2018

The Cries of Children and the Demon-Man

I rescued two lost ducklings yesterday because that is what we do when we see babies in peril. I don't know what they were thinking, or even if they were thinking at all, while they were cheeping and hopping frantically to get out of those window wells to be reunited with their mother and siblings, but the level of panic of those two wee things gave me a visceral response: I will protect you from harm.

Meanwhile in the country to our south, a power-hungry demon in the guise of a man who spends too much time in a tanning bed wearing protective goggles is stripping children from their parents in an attempt to send a message.

A message to people who likely have not read his latest tweets about border security because they are too busy fleeing poverty and crime and persecution by coming to a land that historically has offered the prospect of something better for themselves and their children.

A message to people who probably do not watch Fox News or CNN or read the New York Times while sitting around the breakfast table eating waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream because they are too busy trying to NOT DIE.

(But really a message about his own power.)

This demon-in-the-form-of-a-man and his lackeys are deliberately inflicting pain and creating unimaginable levels of trauma on the innocent children whom we, as adults, should protect.

(I can't help but feel that the lackeys are somehow worse, because, while I believe that the demon is unaware of his own sense of desperation and insecurity, as the truly sick often are, these sycophants must surely realize the depths of his depravity.)

There is something about the crying of children that creates the desire to help, something innate and instinctive. And I'm not talking about the kind of whining cry of the child who does not get what he wants. I'm talking about the kind of cry that says, I am small and I am helpless and I need you to protect me because I am not big enough or strong enough yet to do it on my own. Please, please, help me. 

These people are not criminals. They are guilty of nothing more than the human desire to protect themselves and their children. Your country, demon-man, is not under attack. Or rather, it is, but not from without. Your country is being attacked from within, and you are the attacker, the bringer of chaos and violence and pain. You must be stopped. 

This reign of terror will end, because there is more good than evil in humanity, and if there is justice in the world, you will be stripped of your title, your property, your possessions, your wife, your children, and your tanning bed. You will be given a bare spot on a concrete floor in a prison cell and a number instead of a name. You will feel helpless and small and no one will come to comfort you because no one will hear you cry. Or rather, we will, but we will choose to ignore it.