Jan 3, 2019

It's All About the Balance, Part One (As an aside, it's January, so I wouldn't look for Part Two anytime soon.)

Aphasia, alcoholism, the death of a parent after a prolonged sickness, the guilt over a brother's suicide, a mother's hypochondria, defective technology, shitty poetry, mediocre pizza, the facebook friend who only posts empowering self-help memes, two sides to the story and no way to determine the truth, letters asking you to contribute more than you already do, a friend's chronic illness, an absent father, grey January days, cat puke, that upcoming colonoscopy appointment, when someone cries over the phone and there's nothing you can do about it, money, how long it takes the oven to reach 400 degrees, insomnia, dust build-up, loneliness, guilt, rape, a sleeping partner's incessant snoring, taking care of aging parents and their struggle to maintain their independence, knowing that you will face that struggle some day yourself without any kids to take care of you, reading the comments, broken plans, job dissatisfaction, a missing puzzle piece, a chipped nail, social justice warriors who hinder rather than help the cause, despotic rulers, diarrhea, unleashed dogs, cigarette butts, surgery wait times, that one neighbour who is always washing his car, boredom, jealousy, having to reserve a seat ahead of time to go to the movies, people who get upset over the results on award shows, OCD, sitting through online advertisements in order to watch a youtube video, someone else's urine on a public toilet seat, not getting a timely response, racism, tsunamis, caring too much, and not caring at all.